Monday, 27 April 2020


Today, the media, first with the news as usual, reminds us yet again that a nasty pandemic pest is  manifesting itself within our midst.

They readily quote the latest UK Governmental death toll figures as news; albeit lots more have been carefully recorded as pneumonia victims instead to help keep their numbers down.

 Come to that though, We never hear about any  care home deaths on the subject or of any fatalities in their own homes  homes either.

Ah well, no one has the job yet of calĺing house to house, "Bring out yer  dead," because social distancing wouldn't allow at the moment.

During the Black Plauge though, their PPE equipment way back then, took the appearance of a crude  looking duck mask.  The reason why Doctors to this day are still sometimes refered to as Quacks.

Whereas currently; the powers that be are seemingly ducking out of  their PPE supply responsibilities.  Are they all quakers?

Talking of being crackers, the President of America was quoted as advocating the use of disenfectant and bleach injections to control the covid-19 virus.   He probably wanted the victims to come clean.

Will Doctors all be known as Laundry staff in years to come because of him though, or don't they give a chlorine dioxide about anything he can Trump up with anymore?

We here in UK are still told that as a rule, non household members must remain at least two metres apart in public. Which could be a bit tricky for couples trying to make love behind the bike shed with a six foot ruler;  especially if they get courting the act and arrested by the long arm of the law.

Ah well,  open the cage.