Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Pie ‘n’ Mash

Pie ‘n’ Mash

Because pie and mash shops also serve stewed eels, the eel fat was traditionally part of their pie crust recipes while the liquor was made from stewed eel water.  Those traditions are by and large no more now but the dish still survives the test of time.

I make pie and mash at home sometimes but I’m by no means unique.  Indeed all recipes are the same but different and so I thought I would add mine here.  I make three pies at a time but the rough guide measurements here are for a single pie.


180g  Plain Flour                 30cl Cooking Oil                    40cl cold milk

½ tsp Salt                               40g Pastry block                      125g Chopped Beef

A pinch of sugar                  1 Egg                                     10g Beef Dripping.   

 Beef Stock Cube                


Slow cook the beef until tender, drain off excess water then add stock cube.

Mix flour, salt, sugar and cooking oil and half of the pastry block in a bowl.  Rub in all the lumps by hand.  Slowly add milk drop by drop until a firm dough is formed.  Knead the dough for six minutes and divide into two, one piece twice the size of the other.  Place the small piece in the refrigerator.

Thoroughly grease an individual pie dish with the beef dripping.

On a floured board, roll the large pastry piece evenly until it’s far bigger than the pie dish requires.  Lay this into the pie dish with dough overlapping all round.

Scramble the egg into a cup and use a pastry brush to coat the sides and bottom of the dough but do not coat the top edges of the dough.  This is done to prevent the pie gravy from seeping into the raw dough.  Do not discard the remaining egg

Spoon the beef and a little of the gravy into the pie dish and wet the top edge all round with the gravy.

Roll the small piece of dough from the refrigerator trying not to use excessive flour on the rolling  board surface.   Roll the dough bigger than required to cover the pie top and cube the remaining pastry block over half of the rolled dough.

Fold over the dough in half, press the ends together and fold in half again.

Set the oven to medium high.

Roll the folded dough out in excess of the pie dish and place it on top of the pie dish.
Use a fork to crimp the top and bottom dough pieces together, make four ventilation fork holes on the top and then trim off the surplus pastry.   (The discarded pastry can be kneaded together and baked into rusks for sausage making).

Add a drop of milk to the saved egg and coat the top of the pie.  Do not discard the remaining egg and milk mix.  (It goes into the potatoes with a knob of butter while they’re being mashed).

TIP:   Place pie dish on a pizza tray for easy access while still allowing heat to bake the bottom of the pie.  Bake on high shelf for 32 minutes


80g Fresh Chopped Parsley.       20g Corn Flour.

Slowly boil the parley in slightly salted water and when soft and aromatic, mix the Corn Flour with cold water, stir thoroughly until milky and add drop by drop into the boiling parsley while stirring constantly until the desired thickness is achieved.  Turn off heat and cover.   Check on the pie’s progress.