Saturday, 5 April 2014

♫ All I need is the air that I breathe and to love view♫

The two pics of cups that my son keeps winning are a mere sample of the cups and medals he has in his own room from representing our county in pool.    I actually wish he’d lose sometimes so that we don’t have to keep finding room for his marble based fodder.     However, I have firstly also used a pic here on my toaster and kettle because all these and the kitchen sink have one thing in common.

Everything metallic or near metallic around us is perfectly capable of receiving a coloured television broadcast signal and it’s quite beside the point that we cannot watch a re run of Colombo on anything like that on them as we have to passively on the telly when the wife is enjoying  how the guest murderer get caught..    

My broken oven must have received that prog called, “can’t cook, won’t cook.”   But I digress and so I must get back to the point I haven’t made yet.  (Toenails cut while you wait).

Tony Hall, the current BBC DG as I write this,  is telling us that to share the TV licence fee with Channel 4, would be damaging to the TV industry because he is of an opinion that the BBC should keep the money and re-run.  

And yet?  Well his latest plan is the need to change things and probably for change sake.!

“To what?”   would be a viewers question, edited out from the question time recording before  transmission…

Well in his mind we should all pay a licence fee whether we watch the telly or not.  After all we are ALL capable of receiving him loud and dear; see above.

An idea to tax the one very last person in the UK for the use of a telly that is not owned or rented by the loner,  will do as much for the TV industry as would it help my blu-ray player by replacing the laser beam with a songster loud tone gramophone needle.

What I would like to suggest here would be my alternate plan on telly licensing.

I suggest that the fee should decrease by fifteen pounds per year until the BBC disappear up it’s own channels.    (As I’ve said on the steam radio in the past)  

I like “Room 101”  from the Hat Trick indie though.   A way to go BBC?!!!

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