Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wrong name, Wright idea...

This morning I answered the door to a middle aged man with a clipboard.  He was obviously doing his best to look efficient and so I thought I’d enjoy the visitation as opposed to my normal greeting of, “No thank you,” while closing the door.

“Mr. Wright?”  He asked.

“I never knew you cared?”  I joked.

“Pardon Sir?”

“Why what have you done?”

“I’m looking for a Mr. Wright Sir.   Are you Mr. Wright?”

So now I’m finding it difficult to keep a straight face…   “Well some years back my Wife thought as much, Yes   So you could have a point there.”

“What is your Surname Sir?”  He tried.

“Not the one you’re obviously looking for.   And another thing….”


“I haven’t been knighted yet.   It’s not right I know but sadly it’s true.”

“Are you Mr. Wright Sir?”

“Please go away, I’m still a married man…   And beside that, my wife, Mrs. Burrows, would hardly agree with you these days anyway.”

 “I’m looking for a Will Wright.”

Struggling to talk through a fit of laughter I blurted, “That’s not a name it’s a job.”

Just then my next door neighbour came around to the door.   “Are you Mrs. Wright?”

“No sorry,” she spoiled my fun.   They live over at number Thirteen, but their van’s not there so they’ve probably gone out.”

“Thank you Madam,” he said.   “I couldn’t seem to get this Man to understand what I was asking.”

“Many have tried,” she explained while rolling her eyes upwards.

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