Sunday, 11 September 2011

A clear message?

I feel that although we must show our disgust for the evil killing spree that has changed our lives forever at the 9/11 services; I cannot help thinking also that for every name read out to commemorate lost loved ones and for every televised tear, the perpetrators are patting themselves on the back.

For each mention of ground zero, the pain of remembrance is possibly equalled by the gain of those who decided to kill successfully while at the same time chilling hearts intensively

What if, the free and decent world, just as it was during the world wars, were to play down the attempts of evil, by just saying, that was a pathetic attempt to hurt the likes of decent people; grow up please?

What if we lived in a world where each ceremony to the dear departed in such cases, was just a wake party to celebrate the fact that lost souls are all happier knowing that we remained happy as well?

What if as well, the area of ground zero, could afford as much space as possible, to house a medical facility instead. A name for such a radical suggestion.. “Pacis et amor.” (Peace Harmony and love). Latin.

No I was not a hippie in the swinging sixties. My peace came from a cup of tea. (2 sugars)…

At a Friday night recording for “Speak Easy” (1973) I said… Please leave this bit on the curtting room floor. This goes out on a Sunday afternoon pretending to be a live show. So here we all are… Bored as anything, and we are all discussing vandalism. We’re putting ideas into peoples heads like, go ye and wreck a train.”

The entire sentence was transmitted…

And still decades later… Ceremoniously we say… We still feel the pain after ten years… What better message of encouragement can we afford then, to give the evil dread a thumbs up? “Go for it Guv, it hurts.” Some peace message that is?

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