Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Beware of this email scam.....

Flag this messageTrustee Information.Saturday, 2 July, 2011 21:06From: "Trustee Information." Add sender to ContactsTo: undisclosed-recipientsDear friend,

My name is Abum Bello, I am From Abidjan Ivory Coast.

I am contacting you in respect of my late fathers $55,500,000(Fifty Five Million Five Hundred

Thousand United State of American Dollars) which he deposited in my name with With a financial

firm abroad before his sudden death last year December after Election in our country.

My father was shot dead at the eve of last Christmas and from all indication those that killed him

was his business and political associates who wanted to take over his business empire.

Right now the same people who killed my father are now after my life, I have escaped two gun shot

in our private home in Abidjan. I am the only son of my late father and do not know where to run to

at this moment. As I speak to you right now, I am currently sleeping from one hotel to another within

a nearby country to avoid them getting at me. Please I need your assistance to help me secure this

$55,500,000(Fifty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United State of American Dollars) my late father

deposited With a financial firm abroad into your country private bank account so that once this fund is

transferred to your account; I will quickly relocate to your country.

I have spoken to the officials of my late fathers financial firms and they are ready and waiting for me to

present them with any bank account information of my choice where I would want them to re-transfer the

$55,500,000 to after I presented them with all the documents of the funds deposit. Please I need your

urgent assistance to secure this fund in your country and I promise that once this fund is secured in your

account, I will give you 15% of the total sum.

Please if you are interested to assist me, I will like you to provide me with all your contact details such a


1. Your full names:

2. Your full Address:

3. Your personal Tel/fax number:

4. Your occupation:

5. Your age:

6. Your religion:

Finally any bank account information of your choice where you would want Financial firm to transfer the

funds to. Please reply me here: abumbello@yahoo.com,


Yours Sincerely,

Mr Abum Bello.