Saturday, 28 May 2011

From Pay Back Time to Back Pay Time

Ms Sharon Shoesmith declared herself as being over the moon at the outcome of her appeal for wrongful dismissal while claiming that her sorrow over baby Peter's death would stay with her forever. Like the interest on the payouts she is seeking no doubt! After all, pay back time for Baby P could well be back pay time for Ms S now!

Last Friday in the court of appeal, Lord Neuberger said Mr Balls and the North London Haringey Council failed to follow guidelines for dismissing an employee and Ms Shoesmith was denied a fair hearing. He then went on though, to agree with the Ofsted inspectors who compiled a damning report on her department for the missed opportunities that would have saved the young life of baby Peter Connelly.

However, Lord Neuberger, in falling short of laying the blame squarely at the feet of Ms Shoesmith, means that she could now be facing a massive hype in her bank balance for not being able to continue in the manner of workplace authority in which she was accustomed to since December 2008, and back pay for not working since that time could be claimed. (MPs get locked up these days for a fraction of such false claims).

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