Monday, 30 May 2011

DIY Monday

Oh to be in England now that Spring Bank Holiday is here…

‘Tis the last Monday in the merry Month of May here in Merry England and the DIY stores are rubbing their hands together with equal merriment for they know that today we must pick up that decking we need, (or whatever else the DIY gene in us wants on such a public holiday). Hi Ho hi ho, it’s off to work we go…

Can “Do It Yourself” jobs for some however, lead to sleep deprivation on such a bank holiday?

I ask this rhetorical question because not everyone today is unfortunate enough to be in full time employment. (Or fortunate enough if you enjoy your lot in life). You see, it's fine then if you can get the day off to catch up with the home front chores but there are some people who for one reason or the other are mostly at home during the day anyway. Not to mention of course the retired who dream all day of being back wherever and whenever.

These are the people without jobs who still put in the daily hours around the house… Shed door hinges oiled and toenails cut while you wait. (Well after the next tea break anyway).

To these folk, Bank Holiday Mondays should be just that. If bank Managers can have the day off then it’s only fair to reason that all their overdrawn account customers can have a bit of a superfluous lie in as well?

So much for culture. Another problem here though, is the fact that the atheists among these people have no one to pray to for a rainy day which renders the prospect of having to Mow the lawn very hard to get out of? Best think of an excuse during the next tea break then.

Oh my back… My back has started to play me up again now… Well, it's a start.

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