Sunday, 11 September 2011

A clear message?

I feel that although we must show our disgust for the evil killing spree that has changed our lives forever at the 9/11 services; I cannot help thinking also that for every name read out to commemorate lost loved ones and for every televised tear, the perpetrators are patting themselves on the back.

For each mention of ground zero, the pain of remembrance is possibly equalled by the gain of those who decided to kill successfully while at the same time chilling hearts intensively

What if, the free and decent world, just as it was during the world wars, were to play down the attempts of evil, by just saying, that was a pathetic attempt to hurt the likes of decent people; grow up please?

What if we lived in a world where each ceremony to the dear departed in such cases, was just a wake party to celebrate the fact that lost souls are all happier knowing that we remained happy as well?

What if as well, the area of ground zero, could afford as much space as possible, to house a medical facility instead. A name for such a radical suggestion.. “Pacis et amor.” (Peace Harmony and love). Latin.

No I was not a hippie in the swinging sixties. My peace came from a cup of tea. (2 sugars)…

At a Friday night recording for “Speak Easy” (1973) I said… Please leave this bit on the curtting room floor. This goes out on a Sunday afternoon pretending to be a live show. So here we all are… Bored as anything, and we are all discussing vandalism. We’re putting ideas into peoples heads like, go ye and wreck a train.”

The entire sentence was transmitted…

And still decades later… Ceremoniously we say… We still feel the pain after ten years… What better message of encouragement can we afford then, to give the evil dread a thumbs up? “Go for it Guv, it hurts.” Some peace message that is?

Friday, 9 September 2011

I hear you loud and 'ear

I hear you loud and clear… Are you in my ear?

I have a few appliances in my kitchen that can receive HD television signals.

They of course are not aware of this because Gas cookers, toasters, fridges et al are not designed to decode such random information and display the results for my entertainment in the same way as a television set sees this as a lifelong mission. All other metal washing lines and old fashion bedsprings please note then that these signals that bounce onto you are not meant to be used by you.

I sometimes get emails which say that at the bottom… But do I really owe you that much? Is how I respond to them…

So when do I start this blog? Now.

It is soooo obvious that there are more planets in the universe than there are grains of sand on our beaches; perhaps minus crabs and empty drink cans and thus it’s soooooooo equally obvious that we are not alone… But what if these other universal soldiers communicated by using a straight line monotone whistle? Of ringing noises? It’s the Bells, it’s the Bells . (Product placing completed)…

If these comms were ev’rywhere, then like obedient gas cookers we would shrug them off by thinking… Sorry, wrong number. Or putting it another way? I've got “F” word Tinnitus again…

However… Opening alien emails or not, if we unwittingly decode fractions of these whistles we call Tinnitus then we likewise are in the knowledge meant for those alone who the info was sent to…

No Alien emails were opened in the writing of this blog but I just wanted to share my theory of how some of us can know of events that are happening somewhere or soon will be. It’s the Vibes… It’s the Vibes…

Never any future lottery results you notice…

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

lol lmao et al...

I am now a h cr appy face booker… I know that because every time I try to be funny I just get called a lol…

Good morning Facebook friends… What a beautiful day… Well apart from ev’ry male/female online sending flirty hearts to your cyber love of course…

Take thou my heart… All of you at once…

Sadly in the real world though we are under siege from mindless violence… Yet then again it’s not so good here either of course… After all, someone has just lost a sock…

Sooooo… I have nominated you as my special friend of today XXX (all of you of course)

Sorry Mdm I didn’t mean to poke your eye out behind your husbands back… I was aiming much lower…

You seem to enjoy saying you are now pregnant in your cyber world… I bet your cyber lover enjoyed that one… But congratulations seem to be in order just the same…

I just love that song you posted for me… It reminds me of when my wife left me… Never mind though… She did take her mother with her as well….

However I must admit you are so very talented luv… When we sit in a chat room exchanging sweet nothings… I feel I am the only one that matters to you… How nice to have you alone… XXX (Incidentally, when you were cyber kissing me? What did that note mean? You have now shared a link with someone else…?) I often meant to ask if you had any idea what that was all about…?

What a nice time that was… Oh God Modem, I salute your instant confusion… But I don’t think social networking does much for sensitive folks and I am thus thinking of letting go of; frankly what I never really had to begin with…

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Beware of this email scam.....

Flag this messageTrustee Information.Saturday, 2 July, 2011 21:06From: "Trustee Information." Add sender to ContactsTo: undisclosed-recipientsDear friend,

My name is Abum Bello, I am From Abidjan Ivory Coast.

I am contacting you in respect of my late fathers $55,500,000(Fifty Five Million Five Hundred

Thousand United State of American Dollars) which he deposited in my name with With a financial

firm abroad before his sudden death last year December after Election in our country.

My father was shot dead at the eve of last Christmas and from all indication those that killed him

was his business and political associates who wanted to take over his business empire.

Right now the same people who killed my father are now after my life, I have escaped two gun shot

in our private home in Abidjan. I am the only son of my late father and do not know where to run to

at this moment. As I speak to you right now, I am currently sleeping from one hotel to another within

a nearby country to avoid them getting at me. Please I need your assistance to help me secure this

$55,500,000(Fifty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United State of American Dollars) my late father

deposited With a financial firm abroad into your country private bank account so that once this fund is

transferred to your account; I will quickly relocate to your country.

I have spoken to the officials of my late fathers financial firms and they are ready and waiting for me to

present them with any bank account information of my choice where I would want them to re-transfer the

$55,500,000 to after I presented them with all the documents of the funds deposit. Please I need your

urgent assistance to secure this fund in your country and I promise that once this fund is secured in your

account, I will give you 15% of the total sum.

Please if you are interested to assist me, I will like you to provide me with all your contact details such a


1. Your full names:

2. Your full Address:

3. Your personal Tel/fax number:

4. Your occupation:

5. Your age:

6. Your religion:

Finally any bank account information of your choice where you would want Financial firm to transfer the

funds to. Please reply me here:,

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Abum Bello.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

How Many Judges Make Five?

A second series of Popstar to Operastar is now currently back on our ITV1 screens and week one saw the demise of the womanising Duke of Mantua as sung by Midge Ure. His short aria, Questa O Quella, (One is as fair as the other), was further shortened by cutting out half of the first verse and his performance could hardly be classed as murder on the high ‘C’s because it’s much harder to crack when merely singing at half voice. This doesn’t mean Midge is a bad performer though. Indeed, he is a brilliant performer of his own well honed genre and deserves fair credit for doing his best in learning to do in the space of six weeks an art form that takes years of hard work to perfect. After all, he did attempt to render a tenor aria while in the womanising character. Again however, the male voice is naturally seated in the baritone range which means that both tenors and basses have to develop their natural talents further to be able to work through their gifted upper or lower ranges instead.

Personally I would like the program to have more arias and less film shows about how they rehearsed for their not so big moment… But that’s just me and what do I know? My infamous “Vesti La Guibba” at Battersea Town Hall in the 50s must have prompted the management to install more exits to cope with the rush if I ever came back again. I blamed the pianist… He kept to all the correct notes as written!

Maths was never a strong point of mine either… I always thought that you would need an odd number of judges to get a casting vote out of the last voter? But again, what do I know.. After years of chairing school admission/exclusion appeals, (expenses and custard creams only), maybe it was me that got it all wrong? After all, Popstar to Operastar can get a casting vote from just four judges. Cut backs again! So… “It was two all Midge… You were the weakest tie… Goodbye!

Of course as we all know, that particular aria was part of the opening orgy scene from Rigoletto by Verdi and without dressing in character there was little point of acting it out any better anyway. Well there aren’t many orgy scenes to be had on the concert platform are there? Well what do I know? All the orgies I’ve ever been to seem to have lasted forever… (You just need to stop the fat Ladies from singing that's all).

The reasoning behind the voting system was explained better in week two? One of the two mentors will be the head judge in deciding who to keep in if the situation is a tie????????????

All will be forgiven by me though, if Kathleen and Rolando will perform “O Soave Fanciulla.” That’ll be wicked innit Guv. At least I know that much.

Monday, 30 May 2011

DIY Monday

Oh to be in England now that Spring Bank Holiday is here…

‘Tis the last Monday in the merry Month of May here in Merry England and the DIY stores are rubbing their hands together with equal merriment for they know that today we must pick up that decking we need, (or whatever else the DIY gene in us wants on such a public holiday). Hi Ho hi ho, it’s off to work we go…

Can “Do It Yourself” jobs for some however, lead to sleep deprivation on such a bank holiday?

I ask this rhetorical question because not everyone today is unfortunate enough to be in full time employment. (Or fortunate enough if you enjoy your lot in life). You see, it's fine then if you can get the day off to catch up with the home front chores but there are some people who for one reason or the other are mostly at home during the day anyway. Not to mention of course the retired who dream all day of being back wherever and whenever.

These are the people without jobs who still put in the daily hours around the house… Shed door hinges oiled and toenails cut while you wait. (Well after the next tea break anyway).

To these folk, Bank Holiday Mondays should be just that. If bank Managers can have the day off then it’s only fair to reason that all their overdrawn account customers can have a bit of a superfluous lie in as well?

So much for culture. Another problem here though, is the fact that the atheists among these people have no one to pray to for a rainy day which renders the prospect of having to Mow the lawn very hard to get out of? Best think of an excuse during the next tea break then.

Oh my back… My back has started to play me up again now… Well, it's a start.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

From Pay Back Time to Back Pay Time

Ms Sharon Shoesmith declared herself as being over the moon at the outcome of her appeal for wrongful dismissal while claiming that her sorrow over baby Peter's death would stay with her forever. Like the interest on the payouts she is seeking no doubt! After all, pay back time for Baby P could well be back pay time for Ms S now!

Last Friday in the court of appeal, Lord Neuberger said Mr Balls and the North London Haringey Council failed to follow guidelines for dismissing an employee and Ms Shoesmith was denied a fair hearing. He then went on though, to agree with the Ofsted inspectors who compiled a damning report on her department for the missed opportunities that would have saved the young life of baby Peter Connelly.

However, Lord Neuberger, in falling short of laying the blame squarely at the feet of Ms Shoesmith, means that she could now be facing a massive hype in her bank balance for not being able to continue in the manner of workplace authority in which she was accustomed to since December 2008, and back pay for not working since that time could be claimed. (MPs get locked up these days for a fraction of such false claims).