Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Firing Squad!

A good way to bring a new generation of skilled practitioners to a particular skilful career is for younger people to join their chosen profession as an apprentice. They could then acquire their skills over the years and be under contract to work for their trainers for a few more years afterwards. Pay back time.

In the sixties and seventies the London underground were taking on school leavers to be railway operating apprentices. These youngsters spent quite a lot of the first three years of their working lives sitting in at different training classes that the London underground ran in White City for its employees. It made no difference to the instructors at those times whether their apprentices were as bright as a red signal or as dim as a tunnel light. No one would ever ask them how they were doing and then afterwards saying, “You’re fired!” That sort of fiction is only for television and all who believe reality television to be genuine.   No firm in the real world would fire two hopefuls in order to maintain the secrecy of which one gets the chop in reality about six months afterwards. 

What those bona fide apprentices would constantly get shouted at them instead was, “I’m not asking you to be on time in the morning, I’M TELLING YOU!” These were the REAL apprentices and they were trained to work their way up through the ranks to management and beyond with rest day working often permitted along the way as a 'Non Sugar' sweetener. Civvies however could only be worn in extra voluntary (unpaid) classes. Full uniform had to be worn at all other times.

However, no employees were allowed to qualify for a position at voluntary classes though because the unions did not like it up ‘em… They could learn the promotional job they wanted by all means but they also had to attend the regular paid training classes to qualify.  Again however, they then had to wait in the length of service queue for a vacancy to arise for them to work at the job they qualified to do.

However and more importantly though, no self made management advised them that, “You’re fired.”

Maybe the real managers never had to firstly spend much time in make up either?