Thursday, 5 August 2010

Was there a UFO cover up?

I’ve just seen a news item on Sky. Apparently Winston Churchill covered up a UFO story during the war to avoid a mass panic. I wonder if there is any truth in that one?

Well we are told that there are more planets in the universe than grains of sand on all of our beaches so really if we were to deny the existence of UFO visitations then we would probably just be burying our heads in the universe. A ploy that keeps the ostriches happy. Naturally of course a UFO to us is merely a FO to them and perhaps if they ever land here and become a nuisance we could just ask them to FO again.

“Take me to your leader.”

“Well he’s not in there Mate, You may be pointing to the Green Mann pub but the Green party will never be elected to lead us so you can stop looking down both your noses at me.”

Mind you, at least we can all work out why aliens are seen as green people.
It’s because they build space ships that constantly revolve all the time on their travels. I mean even if they can reach us in just Five years of travelling, they’d be pretty green when they finally get here after all that revolving. Not to mention their need to eat. Just imagine a good fry up every morning while spinning through space for a few years.

I wonder what they do for entertainment though? Watching our TV is off. They wouldn’t have a licence! Card games I suppose. ‘Get dressed poker would be a good idea. It’s like strip poker in reverse. Why not. Surely they haven’t built washing machines into their saucers as well? Maybe that’s why they are depicted as almost nude. Okay, we know there are no washing machines in Walford either but they shouldn’t know that without a TV licence.

I pity the little alien kids at their local fairgrounds though.

“Dad, can I go on that rocket ship ride?”

“No Son certainly not. Anything that travels in a straight line like that thing should be banned by law. I’ve never seen anything as dangerous as that in all my lives!”

“Can I go on the roundabout then Dad?”

“That’s my Boy. We’ll make a green man out of you yet Son. Your Mother will be proud of you. She’ll be able to see you going round. She’s only over by that café enjoying a cup of green tea.”

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