Monday, 2 August 2010

A true BBC rejection letter excuse

Awhile ago now, I posted off a completed sitcom script to Aunty Beeb. Albeit that it was centred around a driving instructor, I wrote in a way that a live audience could see most of it being made.

For months I researched the subject and card indexed my characters while leaving out the obvious gags about crash courses in order to let the character interaction tell a believable comedy.

After it had been re written awake and in dreams until I was sick of it and then re written again I was finally ready for my baby to leave home with a single regulation split pin binder; top left.

“Not Making A Dent,” featuring Arthur Dent and his family told the sitcom story of Arthur Dent starting out as a one man driving instructor.

Long since had gone all the unwanted scenes of Arthur working for someone else as a franchised self employed tutor before deciding to go it alone.

Scene one came in late and left early in textbook fashion as did the rest of the script double spaced in 12pt Arial.

Weeks passed since the postcard acknowledgement until one day finally out of the blue, I received answers to my work. My baby had come back home again covered in it’s own SAE with a message from Aunty with words to the effect of.

“Your characters are believable and well thought out. Not Making A Dent is a good humorous concept. I’m sorry to say however that we are not looking to develop it further. This is because I have had a word with a driving instructor friend who liked your script but he tells me that if your lone school car is ever involved in an accident then the plot would fail.”

I wrote back and thanked them for the feedback and pointed out that I had no intention of writing an accident into the series. No worries.

They replied again. "Thank you for your submission. However with the volume of submissions we get every year, we are unable to enter into any feedback but we wish you well with your work."

I kid you not…

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  1. Disgrace Charlie,convinced "The Beeb" have lost the plot,writers must feel sometimes like just saying "Why Bother"that letter about the accident,like you were gonna write a "Kamikaze"episode any time never..Was thinking about "Fawlty Towers"this was another show,that was nearly bypassed for commissioning,and that as you well know sold out around the World..Just a thought,writing about A t.v.Company that cant commission tv programmes,because the "Fat Cats" are Skimming £500-£750k in salaries,Nah forget that Charlie got to be realistic....