Thursday, 26 August 2010

Daytime TV blues

Am I missing something here? I can never work out why Jeremy Kyle should be allowed on television?

Having said that though, I wish he would call me a liar without him having a shred of proof in front of his claim of 1.8 million viewers. Try disproving that in a court of law even if the viewing figures were different. He will always claim he is only trying to be helpful and I agree there. His attitude could help people to win some nice damage claims. (Maybe some more after that too for repeat fees)?

Every time he shouts, “Get off my stage,” as if he owns it, I think of Peggy Mitchell. “Get out of my pub.”

I admit to being luckier than the Kyle show viewers in that I am not one. So what have I got to moan about then? There are countless other channels to watch if I want to watch daytime TV surely? Well yes of course there are and most are more entertaining than J K. Some of those test cards are very nice to look at too. However that is not my point. My point is that production companies that air such downgrading peeks into dysfunctional families are trying to show us something, which in their opinion, is worth watching. Again, plus repeat fees. Try telling the manager in Asda to turn off all his tellies while you are trying to purchase a copy of ‘Radio Times’ without having to hear the aggravating-grating-irritating drone of, “You need to get your life sorted out Mate!!!!!!!!!!”

No, I need to get out of this shop actually! Has anybody ever looked JK up in a search engine? Go compere.

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