Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Vatican as I see it

What God of supposed love would let us go to war after war killing his supposedly loved ones? The same God who allows ordained preachers into the armed forces? What God would say my will must be carried out only by men? What God would drag you out of a relaxing bath tub to answer the door to a Jehovah’s witness?

What God then, would allow the Vatican stand that it would be criminal to ordain a woman; more so apparently than men of the cloth abusing children.

This is the Vatican, the defender of it’s own faith, who preaches celibacy for the ordained and shares a view that women should be treated equally, as long as they don’t attempt to be equal.

Now obviously no one is suggesting for one moment that paedophilia is a pre-requisite to the job of priesthood but they do have to learn to go to work on a Sunday morning so as to tell you that you should not work on a Sunday because it is a day of rest. They would even use an electric light to see you with which was powered by Sunday workers. Yes and answer the phone too on a Sunday as long as the phone provider does not head their words and stay off work for the day.

Are we still in the dark ages? Albeit we are now in the twenty-first century?

Hey hang on though… Just who said this is the twenty-first century anyway? Oh yes, I remember now, We mostly all started the count again from the birth of the Son of God. (Don’t get me on that one)! Okay so it was BC out and AD in. Does this mean then that God is living his dream of world domination through his Son now? Like Mothers who put their Daughters on the stage? Noel told Mrs. Worthington not to do that!

Teaching religion as always seemed like child abuse to me anyway. Instilled while unable to work out things for themselves. There must be millions of non practicing Atheists nowadays who attend church sometimes. Belts and braces being their Lordly quandary.

God help us if religion is true. Amen. (Not Awomen).

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