Friday, 23 July 2010

Seven Across

In an operation code named '7 Across,' police made an early morning swoop on the London home of Professor Peter Glossop, the UKs number one authority on English literature. At a secret location in London, Police now have 36 hours to question Professor Glossop over the crossword clues that they are currently investigating.A Police spokesperson made this following statement earlier today.”Although we take our duties to the public very seriously indeed, we also view our break times just as seriously too and when we get stuck for an answer to our weekly crossword competition entry, then the full weight of the law must be used to contain such an unfortunate situation. We had no alternative therefore, but to respond accordingly.”

When asked about their current progress, the following statement was issued.

“Although it’s true that our investigations have been fruitless so far, the Intelligence we have now gathered during the questioning of professor Glossop indicates that the correct answer to three down, ‘How many mice are mentioned in the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice;’ could in fact be Three and not Sixty as we had first focussed our attentions on. However, if this is proven to be the situation, then seven across, ‘Who had an adventure in Wonderland,’ was not ‘Tommy’ as we first suspected and so the hunt for a name ending in E is now underway with a fingertip search of all possible dictionaries. We cannot rule out at this stage however, that the name we wish to investigate may not belong to a male.”

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