Saturday, 24 July 2010

Product Placement

Is Jim on his way back inn? Oh yes, how my age is showing now … Jack Edwardes, the pipe smoking Farmer Jack who once teamed up with his old R A F colleague, Charlie Drake as Mick and Montmorency, was one of our regulars in Jim’s Inn; the most popular fifteen minutes of ‘Ad Mag’ on British TV in 1957. Ah yes, the ‘Ad Mags’… Where communicating was seldom confused with shouting and dirt never went with a bang. Gone too were our time-slot ads… Time to light a Red and White? (Not)!

Well at least tobacco products are still at the top of the taboo-co list and never to be puffed upon again for all to see… But not so long ago Embassy were once replaced by Betfred in the Snooker world so I bet you will still be able to happily gamble away folks.

Product placing though, must be the only way forward for advertisers to get value for money nowadays. Well they still haven’t worked out how to sell you anything while you’re belting through the commercial breaks doing +30 have they? Naturally no one wants to sit through ‘We buy any car’ or ‘Go compere’ and so the +30 box is a must for our sanity. However, I imagine that advertisers are now getting raw deals that way. Well I myself can whiz through a break so fast that I find myself watching the next program by accident.

Mind you, sometimes just the pack-shot artwork is sufficient for product placing as well. Like the time it seemed as if Eastender folk only ever shopped at Lidl’s. Maybe that’s why none of them have ever owned a washing machine in Walford? Lidl’s don’t sell them. Okay so my income bracket is showing now. But a bogof has got to do what a bogof has got to do.

I don’t see that product placement will be too bad a thing on balance though, unless a soap episode will one day attempt to portray Wynne Evans on a karaoke night. Go some other street and Compere Perlease!

But will the writer be asked to account for the cat food tin because his/her screen family only keep a dog? Will the place look untidy if they cannot put the teabag box back in the cupboard out of the way? Will their mobile screenshots say this text is from T-Mobile?

Spot the Sainsbury’s bean tin and win a shopping spree. Hopefully!
Yes, 'Bring on the Wall’s' I say, but remember, there will be one product that will still attack our annual coppers with complete disregard for any added coppers earned from products placed and that will be our TV license fee of course. The Bill and Holby Blue coppers may now be laying in bitten dust like our distant ‘Ad Mags’ that were aired Five years even before Brian Blessed became a copper but our TV licence coppers will stiil be current.

Anyway, if we are soon to be offered a laugh from wall to wall advertising, then let’s just lie back on our couches and think of England, land of the TVRO.
* * *
Ah yes, I actually do remember when ‘The Esso sign’ did actually used to mean happy motoring. But will the Corrie Cab firm drivers have tiger tails hanging fron their filler caps now? No of course not… Not everyone will remember the ads of happier commercials gone by. Oh yes, how my age is showing now. On the plus side though, I’m less than Four years away now before I get a freebie TV licence. What A pity that will be… I hardly watch television.

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