Thursday, 29 July 2010

Feng Shui Fact or Myth?

Well now, because Feng Shui has been well documented for centuries down the timelines in China and their environs, Feng Shui, ‘Fung Schway’ pronounced, has a legit claim to an 'In your face' existence here nowadays.

Therefore it simply follows that if you cough up the going rate, a Feng Shui Doctor will advise you to put your furniture all round the room and leave the middle clear. Wish I’d have thought of that one first… I could have patented the concept. You’d never believe how many times I’ve walked into that coffee table and oddly enough, Fung Schway seems to rhyme with my utterances every time I do so.

Looking on the positive side though, I understand that the Feng Shui art of arranging furniture can lead to good fortune and prosperity. (A ploy worth investigating for the bedroom if you subscribe to an even older profession I would have thought). Seriously though, if I’d have paid up front for a Feng Shui bedroom visit, then I may have been advised to move the TV out from behind the wardrobe so that I could see it easier. I worked it out for myself in the end anyway and saved the money. Truly the force was with me that day…

Nowadays though, because Feng Shui is establishing itself in the Western World it's good news if your kitchen door keeps banging into the fridge. For the agreed fee, a Feng Shui specialist can advise you to turn the door around.

XXX Warning! Please don’t try that at home without a screwdriver! XXX

While in the kitchen though, if you think it’s troubled, the advisable way forwards is to bung some sea salt all over the floor and leave it for a day.  If that advice is worth it’s salt then all your troubles will be over apart from needing more sea salt of course.

‘Lo salt’ is better for you I've been told because it contains less Sodium. Oh, Sorry, that was a quote from a real Doctor.

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  1. Hi Charlie,loved the blog,"Feng Shui" thats what i used to say when trying to put footwear on in the morning,after the night before..opened my blog tonight "sweet n Sour" i called it my twitter name is "onemacleod" will try bloggin tomorrow..liked your piece tonight though..